14 Gym Hairstyles That Can Withstand Even the Toughest of Workouts

If the rise—and reign—of athleisure is any indication, gyms and workout studios have become places you actually get dressed for. There are more stylish workout clothes than ever and some people even opt to wear makeup while they’re training (if that’s your thing). Hair, however, has been more of an afterthought: Just throw it up with the elastic that lives on your wrist and hope for the best. While we’re firmly in the “you do you” camp (go ahead and wear your old high school gym clothes, while you’re at it, it’s probably more practical!), we do think there’s some merit in styling hair for functional purposes—nothing is worse than loose hair sticking to your back sweat—and there just so happens to be creative ways to do just that. Get some inspiration from celebrity hair stylists and beauty influencers, below.

Hidden Braid





















A braided bun is not only a nice surprise detail, but also a practical idea. It helps keep even short or layered hair off your sweaty face so you can lift in peace.

Top Knot

















Curly-haired girls can show off their enviable texture with a simple top knot that leaves you ready for running, spinning, and more. Use some leave-in conditioner to keep sweat-induced frizz at a minimum.

High Pony





















Wearing a high and tight ponytail never fails.

Braided Pigtails



















This classic two-braid style is brilliant for even the most strenuous of activities (even a marathon!).

Braided Pigtails



















You can also stop the two braids at the nape of the neck and leave out some of your second-day blowout waves (perhaps to salvage them after your workout).

Scarf and Bun



















When you’ve gone two workouts without washing your hair and really pushing the limit, throw on a decorative scarf to distract everyone from the grease.

Rope Braid





















Dress up your high ponytail with a rope braid.

Tiered Pony




















Long-haired girls will appreciate this style that wraps the length of your pony in hair ties to not only look cool, but avoid any whipping and sticking to your neck/back sweat.

Stacked Buns



















If you prefer to have zero hair hanging down while you workout, opt for two mini buns on top of each other to get all the strands off your face.



















This half-up style keeps the face free and is especially flattering for girls with a short length.

Bandana Headband


















A bandana not only adds some personal style to your updo, but also keeps flyaways at bay.

Braided Low Ponytail


















If you’re doing a low-impact exercise like yoga or Pilates skip the Advil-inducing high ponytails and opt for a romantic low braid.






















For those of you who find a ponytail or bun too basic, get playful with long pigtails.

Double Bun


















If you like the pigtails idea but prefer to keep your hair up, wrap them into stylish double buns.

If you’d like some help with styling, request an appointment with one of our stylists who can help you with a consultation!

Thanks to Elle for putting this fantastic list together!

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