30+ Inspiring Haircuts for 2019

We’re fast approaching New Years, which means time for New Year’s resolutions. Sure, every year you think, this year I’m going to be my best self! But 2019 can be your year where you actually are your best self! While you’re thinking of what New Year’s resolutions you’re going to make, you might as well take one step towards being your best self by getting your best hair.

The right cut makes all difference between lifeless, limp hair and a supermodel mane, making your hair look healthier, shinier, thicker, and all-around more stylish. We’ve gathered up all the coolest haircuts to give your hair a major 2019 upgrade. Here are the trendiest, chicest haircuts for every length, that will help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Every day will be a good hair day.

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Short Hair

Source: @cleencuts


Source: We Heart It


Source: Brit.co


Source: Her Campus


Source: @nikkinelms


Source: @anhcotran



Source: Short Haircut


Source: EatPrayFashion


Source: Jourdan Dunn


Source: @anhcotran


Source: @salsalhair


Source: Madame Figaro


Source: @tedgibson



Medium Hair

Source: MadisonReed


Source: @nikkinelms



Source: @jewejewebee


Source: @karolinysanttos


Source: @salt.hair


Source: Renystyles


Source: Hairstyle Guru


Source: @streicherhair


Source: W Magazine


Source: Hairstyle Guru



Source: Journal


Source: Gal Meets Glam



Long Hair

Source: @marianna_hewitt




Source: Shay Mitchell


Source: Dentelle Fleurs


Source: Glamour


Source: @facesofkamerra


Source: LavvLine


Source: @mechesalonla



Source: @balayageartists


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