5 Steps for Healthy Curly Hair

While many of us wish we were born with natural curls, we know the real thing can be hard to manage at times. A few insider tricks can help care for and style curly tresses that can make all the difference! Check out these trusted tips for eliminating frizz and revealing oodles of bouncy, gorgeous curls.

Step 1: Do Monthly Deep-Conditioning Treatments

Stick to a monthly protein treatment and deep conditioning regimen in order to lock in moisture and make your hair shine!

Step 2: Limit Straightening 

Minimize straightening hair which causes heat damage. Give your locks a break from the heat! Generally a blowout lasts three to five days, so limit quick touch-ups to a dryer or flat iron only where needed.

Step 3: Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos And Products

Sulfates strip hair of moisture, ask your stylist about the best curl-friendly, sulfate-free shampoos and products. Check out our product list on our website to see which one fits best for you here 😉

Step 4: Limit Shampoo Use 

Use only sulfate-free shampoos, but whenever possible—just wash your hair with conditioner.

Step 5: Say Yes To Layers

Layers can be a curly girl’s best friend for adding movement and volume. A proper haircut or trim can do wonders for your curls. Request an appointment with us today!!

Other Maintenance Basics and Helpful Tips To Avoid Frizz

  • Stick to microfiber towels, or a cotton t-shirt to soak excess water from hair—never use bath towels and never rub your hair. Rubbing causes frizz!
  • Use a diffuser or just air dry.
  • After applying product, never touch your hair while it’s in the drying stage.
  • Use only silk or satin pillowcases to help minimize frizz when you sleep.
  • If you want to slightly change the pattern of your natural curls, wear a simple side braid at night to stretch your curls out a bit.
  • Healthy hair is also about what we put into our bodies; it’s important to load up on fruits and veggies.


Thank you to Sandy from theeverygirl.com for this easy to follow 5 step action plan for your yummiest curls yet!

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