Achieve Your Geode Hair Color Trend with Joico and CJ Warren!

Peering into an amethyst geode is a lot like looking into a kaleidoscope — celestial plum fades to starry-night navy and back again. And of course, that sparkle.



Here we go ladies – what we’ve all been waiting for!! Joico is here at CJ Warren Salon & Spa to help satisfy your color cravings. Ready to explore your Geode hair color wishes? Request your appointment today and we’ll have you shining bright light a geode 💎

Kinda stunning, right?

All colors considered, it makes sense that geodes have inspired the latest in rainbow hair trends. Hair colorists (or should we say geologists!) are weaving amethyst and deep blue hues into their client’s manes. They’re some pretty lucky women: Walk into the salon a diamond in the rough and walk out looking like a shiny, new gemstone. That’s always the goal, right?

Okay, so the trend does have mortal roots (pun intended), but it’s best leaving this one to the pros. As for the intensity of the color, that’s up to you. Since no two geodes are the same, no rules apply.

Consider replacing navy with a pale turquoise, subtle lilac, or a vibrant magenta!!


If you’re not looking to commit, opt for concentrating the color around the tips. You can just snip them off when you’re ready to try something new again!

 OMG I’m in – Request my appointment  😍


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