Best Beauty Looks for Autumn

Best Beauty Looks for Autumn

“No matter what the season or the trend, makeup and hair looks really depend on your personality and what you think you can carry off when you walk into the occasion,” says sustainable makeup artist and natural beauty expert Karim Orange. “It’s like any accessory—shoes, a bag—you have to have the confidence to pull it off.”

Here are five top looks this season, and how to achieve them naturally.

When summer turns to fall, it’s especially important to exfoliate regularly and use an enzyme-enriched serum to lift off sun-damaged skin. It’s also a great time to apply a mask, at home, once a week, if you have dry or oily skin, or every two weeks, if your skin is normal.

A soft flush of color warms up the face and contours the cheeks. Apply blush—with fingers or a fan brush, which layers easily—in natural light, whenever possible. “For women of color, peach and orange tones on cheeks are always flattering,” says Orange.

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