Davines Products We Can’t Live Without!

You all know how much we love Davines, and with good reason! Davines has so many fantastic products, and we want to talk about some of our favorite. Read all about the Davines products we can’t live without, and update your approach to haircare this season.
davines love shampoo
The Love product line – Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Cream
We love our hair. But how often do we show it love? Some may be ashamed to admit that they don’t as much as they should!
How can you expect your hair to keep up with your lifestyle if you’re not giving it the care it needs? Let Davines show you how to give it the love it deserves. Using the whole Love line of products, from smoothing shampoo and thick pot of conditioner and hair smoothing cream, your hair will be getting the attention and love it deserves to allow you to keep moving without worrying that your lifestyle is fighting against your beauty routine. It cuts down on frizz, making your hair soft and full without weighing it down. The secret is olive extract from a farm in Messina, Italy, so every time you wash and style you feel good knowing that your hair care is helping a family farmer keep his business alive. We’re sharing the love and feeling the love everytime we wash and style our hair. And that feels good!
sustainable hair care
Oi Oil
For many, dry shampoo is their weapon of choice. It’s the only way they can keep up with their lifestyle. Washing your hair once or twice a week and refreshing with dry shampoo can save you so much time and is ultimately better for your hair, but you’ll be constantly battling dullness and strands that look lifeless. That’s where Oi Oil, an “absolutely beautifying potion,” comes in. If you connect with that kind of lifestyle, it’s the hair product that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. This miracle serum revitalizes and refreshes your hair between washes, adding shine and life without weighing it down. It also helps give definition to your finicky waves, that between washes can get tired and flattened. And the fresh scent stays with you all day, and through long nights, whether you’re burning the midnight oil or painting the town red. While Oi Oil is ideal for long-haired girls with busy lifestyles, this miracle product doesn’t discriminate. Just a few spritzes tossed into dry hair will perk up your style and keep you moving without worrying your hair is giving away all your dirty, dull, and delicate little secrets.
Oi All-In-One Milk
Believe it or not, it is going to get warm in at some point. And that means weekend trips, sweaty days in a ponytail, and an overall lack of care, time, and effort put into our beauty routine. Arm yourself with this miracle spray to protect your tresses from the season-related stresses. Oi All In One Milk helps defend, condition, and adds body and texture to hair while protecting it from the elements and giving it a long-lasting fresh scent that always feels impossible to maintain in the summertime. Spray it on damp hair after the shower as a leave-in conditioner and style it accordingly to help your blow out last super long, and your hair to somehow look flawless when the rest of you is dying from the elements. Stock up with optimism that Spring must be just around the corner.

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