OPI Iceland Collection Is Here and We Are LOVING It 😍

OPI Iceland features twelve new shades in various finishes, and I have to say, I was pretty psyched for many of these shades. As far as formula, I have not a single complaint here. All of these swatched perfectly with just two coats over a base coat. Fabulous and so beautiful 😉

I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic is a pinky/peach creme

This Isn’t Greenland is a medium avocado green creme

Icelanded a Bottle of OPI is a soft taupe creme

One Heckla of a Color! is a dusty plum creme

Check Out the Old Geysirs is a blue/grey with iridescent blue/pink shimmer

Aurora Berry-alis is a muted medium berry creme

Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots is a pinky/mauve shimmery frost

Less is Norse is a deep dusty blue creme

That’s What Friends Are Thor is a dark warm-toned brown creme

Krona-logical Order is a dark cool-toned espresso creme

Suzi & the Arctic Fox is a dark muted plum creme

Turn on the Northern Lights! is a deep inky blue/purple with heavy red/pink lit-from-within shimmer


Really nice, yes? Of course there are some I feel are more unique and interesting than others, but I love that they were all just two coats. I personally love This Isn’t Greenland because it’s kind of a different avocado creme shade than many other greens. I’m also loving all of the dark cremes because they have a great murky, dusty quality to them, in particular Krona-logical Order. Check Out the Old Geysirs is a really beautiful shimmer and of course, THE stand-out, must-have shade here for many people will probably be Turn on the Northern Lights! I cannot even express to you how mesmerizing this one is in person and in sunlight. It GLOWS. Beautiful!


Which OPI Iceland Collection shades is your favorite? Request your appointment with us

 at CJ Warren Salon & Spa and we’ll help you decide 😘


Shoutout to Kelly for the amazing review on vampyvarnish.com  💜

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