Sustainable Beauty with Davines!

It’s no secret that we love Davines! The question is, why do we love them so much? Sure they have incredible products that we sell in our salon, but it goes so much deeper than that. Davines holds a firm belief in what they call “Sustainable Beauty”:  The belief that living a balance of beauty and sustainability can improve our lives and the world around us.


Davines’ ideal of beauty finds its inspiration in the concept of equilibrium between substance and shape. Their style is inspired by simplicity, harmony, and good taste.

The beauty that we believe in is based on appreciation for individuality and celebration of diversity. So we praise the grace, elegance, and distinct characteristics that make each of us who we are. This is why we consider Davines as a tool for our customers to express their own uniqueness.

By creating “beauty” Davines wants to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.

Our multicultural curiosity motivates us to explore the many truths of our world. We like to be in tune with the present while still remaining fresh over time.


Davines’ ideal of beauty works through practical and “sustainable” efforts. For us and them, sustainability deals with the responsibility we owe to ourselves, the people with which we work, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate. Our vision of “sustainability” has a range of connected meanings:

  • “sustainability” in regard to Davines’ commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow;
  • “sustainability” in regard to the effectiveness of their products and the safety of our customers, thanks to the privileged use of natural ingredients, enhanced with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and an artisanal spirit;
  • “sustainability” in regard to “freedom of creation”. Davines’ decisions are led more by “intuition” than “calculation”. Their pioneering spirit guides us to explore ideas beyond trends. At Davines, every idea is born free and then developed with authenticity, in harmony with their values.
  • “sustainability” in regard to “ethics”, which in ancient Greek means “house, shelter, lair”. Honored of being a family company, Davines makes their professional environment a homely place where to develop oneself and create sincere and trustful relationships with others, based on transparency and collaboration.

In summarizing, “beautiful and good” – as the ancients referred to the inseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty – is another way to say “Sustainable Beauty” and “Sustainable Beauty” is another way to say Davines.

For more information on how you can get started with Davines products call us at (219) 662-2204 or click here to request an appointment today!

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