Top Off Your Look With These 5 Fall Hairstyles

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Find the perfect fit for your hair this season with these beautiful fall looks. Bring on the scarves, hats and fall accessories. These hairstyles are the perfect finishing touch for any fall wardrobe.

1. Dutch Braid into a Ponytail: This up-do is perfect for showing off your new scarf or statement necklace, and won’t get ruined in the midst of windy walks to class.

2. Twist into a Messy Bun: With all your hair up, this is perfect for wearing scarves, or set your bun lower and add a head scarf.

3. Curled Ponytail: If you need a hairstyle that takes no time but looks like it took you all day, you’ve found it. Just curl, tie, and head to your next fall festivity!

4. Mohawk Ponytail: Look better than the average pony and rock the hairstyle that will stay put all day regardless of what craziness your day might include!

5. Warm Hair Colors: This season, try a warm balayage to brighten your every day. Celebrate the fall colors by incorporating Joico Color into your daily look!

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