Why You Should Be Using a Scalp Product

Raise your hand if you haven’t thought much about your scalp lately. Most of us devote time to scalp care approximately once for every 100 gusts of dry shampoo and 30 minutes ruminating over conditioner options. For anyone who experiences legitimate scalp issues, like dandruff or dermatitis, the response is likely a different one. But when your scalp is well-behaved—“normal” even—it’s easy to forget about it.

The hair/scalp connection

TheEveryGirl.com asked Nunzio Saviano, a stylist and the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City, about scalp health. Here’s what he told them about the connection between our hair and the skin from whence it grows: “Caring for your scalp means caring for your hair. When you do, it will be healthier, shinier and fuller,” he said. “If you ignore your scalp, your hair can look dull and lifeless. Residue from styling products like hairspray, gel, and dry shampoo clogs the follicles, trapping dead skin to the scalp and slowing down circulation necessary for healthy hair.”

Exfoliation with a scrub or clarifying treatment helps to get rid of this buildup, which means that anything put on the scalp will penetrate better. Treat your scalp the way you would your skin, with its type and tendencies in mind. Just as oily skin loves a toner, oily scalps will benefit from a product that minimizes sebum. Removing dead skin helps to balance drier scalps. And even those that fall into the normal category should do an occasional detox from environmental debris and product buildup.

Choosing a scalp product

Saviano suggests choosing products with soothing ingredients, like coconut oil or coconut water, along with menthol, rosemary, and salicylic acid to invigorate and exfoliate the scalp. At the salon, ask for a deep scalp massage—or even a rough shampoo. You know the kind!—to amp up circulation.

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