The Secret to Great Hair with Davines Beauty

We all care about looking good. We put in time, money, care, and attention into maintaining a certain level of vanity. And while this isn’t something to be ashamed of, when our beauty routine harms the environment, that’s when it gets ugly. We’ve created an industry that pours chemicals into the environment and depletes the ozone layer, melting the ice caps in hopes that we’ll turn some heads and stop traffic. Don’t feel bad about wanting to look good, but we all need to find a sustainable way to maintain your beauty.

It was from this desire that led us to Davines, an Italian beauty brand that has been helping us feel more beautiful and confident for over 35 years now. And at the center of all of this has been to do so sustainably, through production, practices, and promises, even before caring for the environment was trendy. Their mission is paving the way for the future of companies to survive and support the world we live in, and by making us feel and look a little better living in it.

The magic in their products comes from plant-based additives that are sourced from Italian farms near their headquarters in Parma in order to help support the farming industry, earning them a certification as a Slow Food Company, the only beauty brand to hold this certification. They also work to uphold their standing as a B Corp company, a certification comparable to Fair Trade with coffee or Certified Organic with other foods, an honor that requires them to uphold numerous rigorous certifications, from sustainable packaging to the amount of paper used in their offices around the world.

We can’t help but realize that that amount of care and effort, and knowing that we’re supporting a brand that cares about the environment makes us shine a little brighter, makes us walk a little taller, and our hearts feel lighter knowing that our beauty routine hasn’t caused more harm than good!

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