Wella & UNICEF Making Waves!

At CJ Warren Salon & Spa, we’re committed to only using products from companies that believe in sustainability & integrity. All of the companies that we use have extensive charitable backgrounds, and Wella is no different!

In 2011, Wella and UNICEF launched a long-term program in collaboration with hairstylists and clients around the world, the WELLA-UNICEF MAKING WAVES program offers the gift of education to vulnerable young people in emerging countries.

Wella believes the best thing you can offer a young person is a future. That’s why they’ve partnered with UNICEF, the world’s leading children organization, to bring hairdressing training, mentoring and life-skills education to vulnerable teenagers in emerging countries.

WELLA-UNICEF is proud to announce the launch of the life-changing Making Waves initiative in Cambodia. The launch expands the successful program already established in Vietnam, Romania and Brazil, where over 44,800 young people have been empowered through training and education since 2011.

Hairdressers, their clients, Wella Professionals and UNICEF are united in one vision: to provide vulnerable young people with a hairdressing education, mentoring and life skills they need to set themselves up for success and brighter futures

Hairdressing education has been at the heart of Wella ever since its founding in 1880. Today, Wella trains 1.7 million hairdressers every year. This is the expertise that Wella brings to the partnership. In the last 6 years, 8 Making Waves hairdressing training centers have been created in Brazil, Romania, Vietnam and Cambodia, providing vulnerable young people with hairdressing and life skills education.

In addition to hairdressing education, the partnership offers support in other ways. In Brazil, 12 youth communication centers have been created to provide life skills training, a broad range of social and practical tools used to help vulnerable teenagers to realize their potential. In Romania, community centers and a network of social workers have been created to promote children’s rights to education, provide vulnerable teenagers with life skills and offer counselling for families.

In Vietnam, hairdressing education and vocational training in the hospitality sector as well as capacity building projects for local NGO’s in Ho Chi Minh City are supported via the program.

With the expansion to Cambodia, the program will run the hairdressing vocational training in 2 centers, support child protection services, life skills education and vocational training for young people from the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

We love Wella, and you can see why. They’re doing their part to give back to the world in the best way they know how. And best of all, they could always use help. If you’d like to find out how you can join the wave, click here!