All About Freedom Deodorant!

Earlier this week we announced that we would now be carrying Freedom Deodorant in the salon, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. As you may know, we only sell products from companies that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Freedom Deodorant is both of those, and  they’re charitable.

A few years ago, three friends of Freedom Deodorant’s founder, Ira Kaganovsky, were diagnosed with breast cancer. The ongoing theme from all their doctors was the importance of using natural products on the body, and especially to stay away from antiperspirant.

An unsettling fact that Ira hadn’t realized until that time, was that the antiperspirant most people use daily is actually classified as a drug per the FDA. She was eager to switch to natural products for herself.

So, Ira purchased her first natural deodorant, which did NOT go so well. She purchased her second one, third, then fourth and so on. When none of them worked for her, she decided to create one that did!

Ira says she’s just a single mother of three lovely girls. She wanted to create a natural alternative to the typical not-so-good-for-you products that line the shelves of every store. For her, deodorant was just the first step.

All of Freedom Deodorant’s products are human-tested to ensure effectiveness, and are completely safe enough to eat! (Although they work much better than they taste…)

This is where she found her Freedom. The natural deodorant that really works!

In addition to the journey Ira’s taken to reach this point, she’s also made sure to give back along the way. Freedom Deodorant supports many charities including American Cancer Society, The Caring Place, and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. They’re constantly giving back in remembrance of where they came from, and that really speaks to us.

This only scratches the surface of why we love Freedom Deodorant. If you’re ready to find out why it’s so great for yourself, give us a call at (219) 662-2204 or visit us in the salon to finally join us in FREEDOM!