3 Reasons Why You Need a Regular Pedicure

Winter weather is a great excuse to let your pedicure slide. No one will actually notice chipped nail polish under your snow boots. But while it may seem unnecessary, there are actually some pretty important reasons why you should be getting that regular pedi.

1. Those toenails aren’t going to trim themselves
Winter boots and heavy socks can be quite compressing on feet, and toenails that are left to grow wild can become ingrown from the pressure of shoes. Regular pedicure appointments ensure your toenails stay neatly trimmed.

2. You could be missing some important signs
If you’re not changing your toenail polish regularly, you might miss a toenail fungus developing under that old coat of chipped red polish. Your nails could be brittle, dull, thickened, or a dark color and you might not even notice if your polish is three months old.

3. No one likes cracked heels
The benefits of a pedicure go beyond just having pretty feet. A winter pedicure could protect your skin from several dry skin related foot problems. It prevents cracked heels, which if ignored for a long time might bleed, causing pain and discomfort. If you miss the winter pedicure, your winter footwear will press against the cracked heels. This can be (quite literally) a pain. Exfoliating your feet helps control and prevents the growth of calluses and corns, which not only look unattractive, but also cause discomfort. Massaging your feet and lower legs loosens your muscles and helps with joint performance—often adversely affected in cold weather. The massage also helps with circulation of the foot and lower leg.

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