Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Looking for the perfect ‘do to fit your style? Don’t fret ladies, we’ve got you covered. Whether your mane is long, short, blond or brunette, there’s a rockin’ celebrity-inspired style to fit your look. Flip through these medium-length hairstyles for women over 50, and if you see something you like click here to request an appointment with one of our incredible stylists!

1. Edie Falco’s Highlighted Cut

Edie Falco's Highlighted Cut

2. Julianne Moore’s Soft Curls

Julianne Moore's Soft Curls

3. Viola Davis’ Side-Swept Bangs

Viola Davis' Side-Swept Bangs

4. Jennifer Grey’s Layered Cut

Jennifer Grey's Layered Cut

5. Gina Gershon’s Soft Waves

Gina Gershon's Soft Waves

6. Ming-Na Wen’s Side Sweep

Ming-Na Wen's Side Sweep

7. Angela Bassett’s High-Volume Hairdo

Angela Bassett's High-Volume Hairdo

8. Katie Couric’s Bob

Katie Couric's Bob

9. Vanessa Williams’s Center-Parted Look

Vanessa Williams's Center-Parted Look

10. Demi Moore’s Silky Curls

Demi Moore's Silky Curls

11. Tatum O’Neal’s Side-Parted Cut

Tatum O'Neal's Side-Parted Cut

12. Michelle Obama’s Signature Waves

Michelle Obama's Signature Waves

13. Helen Hunt’s Loose Tresses

Helen Hunt's Loose Tresses

14. Lisa Kudrow’s Choppy ‘Do

Lisa Kudrow's Choppy 'Do

15. Marcia Cross’ Wavy Tresses

Marcia Cross' Wavy Tresses

16. Paula Abdul’s Flowing Waves

Paula Abdul's Flowing Waves

17. Elisabeth Shue’s Feathered Waves

Elisabeth Shue's Feathered Waves

18. Kim Cattrall’s Bouncy Curls

Kim Cattrall's Bouncy Curls

19. Jennifer Connelly’s Side-Parted Cut

Jennifer Connelly's Side-Parted Cut

20. Kelly Preston’s Soft Waves

Kelly Preston's Soft Waves

21. Sheryl Crow’s Tight Curls

Sheryl Crow's Tight Curls

22. Sharon Stone’s Textured Waves

Sharon Stone's Textured Waves

23. Madonna’s Retro Curls

Madonna's Retro Curls

24. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Layered ‘Do

Michelle Pfeiffer's Layered 'Do

25. Meg Ryan’s Soft Ringlets

Meg Ryan's Soft Ringlets

26. Holly Hunter’s High-Volume Waves

Holly Hunter's High-Volume Waves

27. Daryl Hannah’s Waterfall Waves

Daryl Hannah's Waterfall Waves

28. Valerie Bertinelli’s Sweeping Curls

Valerie Bertinelli's Sweeping Curls

29. Bo Derek’s Glossy ‘Do

Bo Derek's Glossy 'Do

30. Kristin Davis’ Voluminous Curls

Kristin Davis' Voluminous Curls

31. Andie MacDowell’s Bouncy Locks

Andie MacDowell's Bouncy Locks

32. Amy Grant’s Wispy Cut

Amy Grant's Wispy Cut

33. Marisa Tomei’s Fluffed-Up Waves

Marisa Tomei's Fluffed-Up Waves

34. Rita Wilson’s Side-Swept Glam

Rita Wilson's Side-Swept Glam

35. Nia Vardalos’ Half Up Half Down

Nia Vardalos' Half Up Half Down

36. Gloria Estefan’s Classic Bob

Gloria Estefan's Classic Bob

37. Kathy Ireland’s Sculpted Curls

Kathy Ireland's Sculpted Curls

38. Felicity Huffman’s Swept Bangs

Felicity Huffman's Swept Bangs

39. Courteney Cox’s Textured Lob

Courteney Cox's Textured Lob

40. Brooke Shields’ Feminine Curls

Brooke Shields' Feminine Curls

41. Elizabeth Hurley’s Loose Curls

Elizabeth Hurley's Loose Curls

42. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Messy Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker's Messy Waves

43. Diane Lane’s Soft Tresses

Diane Lane's Soft Tresses

44. Halle Berry’s Messy Locks

Halle Berry's Messy Locks

45. Famke Janssen’s Sleek Curls

Famke Janssen's Sleek Curls

46. Shania Twain’s Cascading ‘Do

Shania Twain's Cascading 'Do

47. Monica Bellucci’s Romantic Locks

Monica Bellucci's Romantic Locks

48. Elle MacPherson’s Piecey Waves

Elle MacPherson's Piecey Waves


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